Integrating webZyme Into Courses That Teach Kinetics

webZyme (http://tinyurl.com/webzyme) is a unique home-grown simulation system for teaching chemical kinetics at all levels of expertise. It has been tested successfully in Chem 352, Biophys 520, and Biol Chem 673. This Quick Win will create repositories of exercises consisting of webZyme reaction mechanisms, contextual readings from appropriate texts or journal articles, question-templates to guide student work, and a minimal web infrastructure to deliver content and access to webZyme models. These exercises will be for students ranging from freshman to graduate, and from subjects ranging from biology to chemistry.

The flexibility of webZyme makes it possible to capture in silico the behavior of real kinetic systems from the literature. Complex published mechanisms entered into webZyme can be used by students to perform for themselves experiments that they read about in books or papers. It also lets them perform experiments on a system that have not been published, and maybe have never been done. This ability to represent real systems positions webZyme as a versatile educational tool. Leveraging this potential in a widely usable way is the goal of this project.

Project Team:

Bruce A. Palfey, Medical School