Translation Interface

A Translation Interface across Categories

This project brings together a diverse group of faculty and students from LSA’s Department of Comparative Literature, the College of Engineering, the School of Information, the Stamps School of Art & Design and the Institute for the Humanities, who are garnering their collective expertise in Translation, Informatics, Natural Language Processing, Interactive Technologies and the Digital Humanities to test and further develop a prototype of the content management system for That Translation Game.

The prototype of That Translation Game uses iPads to simulate a game show environment where students translate examples in teams against the clock: they rework a Google Translate rendition of a cartoon caption so that it might be funny or update a scene from the King James version of the tale of Babel so the urgency of the citizens’ plight might be palpable; students then justify their translation decisions to each other, and at the round’s finale assess their fellow players’ translations based on both the challenge and the justifications offered. The content management system under development will organize those examples along with specific play notes to create an interactive visual interface so that future users can more easily and accurately identify examples that meet their needs. This application has been developed as part of a larger interdisciplinary initiative supported first by a NINI grant and then by MCubed funding to build innovative, technological tools for engaging students in the complexities of Translation Studies as a critical practice, beyond simple binaries.

Project Team:
Christi Merrill, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Dragomir Radev, School of Information
Sidonie Smith, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Heidi Kumao, Stamps School of Art & Design