Journal of Medicine

Peer-Reviewed, Student-Led Forum for Research

Content form and delivery in medical education has seen dramatic evolution over the past decade. With the rise of online education programs such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and the Harvard Online Schools, as well as the transformation in learning technology, medical schools are developing tailored, practicum-based learning tools to supplement clinical education with breadth in the fundamental health sciences. As an established leader in medical education and biomedical research, the University of Michigan is committed to preparing physician scientists for leadership roles at both the bench and the bedside. While there are many University programs aimed at allowing students to conduct research as an adjuvant to their curricular education, there is no established program whose main mission is to ensure that students are able to both effectively communicate and evaluate the results of this research.

To address this aim, this project will support and cultivate the development of the Michigan Journal of Medicine (MJM), a peer-reviewed, student-led forum for scientific and clinical research. Students occupy all editorial leadership roles for the journal and supply all content. The journal editorial work will be conducted under the guidance of world-class faculty at the University of Michigan Medical School, many of whom serve as editors for prestigious international journals, such as JAMA and Spine. The Journal will be published in collaboration with Michigan Publishing Services/Michigan Library.  MJM is committed to providing both an outlet for publication of student research and detailed criticism of all work submitted. Students will simultaneously support the standard of peer review through their editorial duties, thus training them to be discriminating critics of scientific quality and merit. In being responsible for both content generation and appraisal, students will have a hands-on experience with both sides of academic publishing, increasing their ability to be critical, active members of an academic community. Moreover, this project will be working in concert with the new medical school curriculum overhaul, and participating students will have the opportunity to earn course credit for their work as reviewers or editors of the Journal.

Project Team

Michael Englesbe, Medical School

Jasna Markovac, Medical School

Sagar Deshpande, Medical School