TECH/Organic Technology

TECH/Organic Technology Enhanced Collaborative Heuristic

CHEM 210 is the first lecture course in organic chemistry with enrollments ranging from 800-2000 students per term. Because this class enrolls mainly first-year students, the instructors devote a significant amount of class time to demonstrating how to approach and solve problems. Although this exercise is useful, some of this work could be effectively and permanently moved “online,” which would immediately enable the faculty to introduce additional material, including advanced and topical concepts in organic chemistry, and enable the GSIs to spend more time on complex topics in recitation. The proposal further seeks to generate the new, online instructional materials by engaging students in the Honors section of this course. The experience gained in CHEM 210 will inform efforts to expand this project to CHEM 215, which is the second-term class in this sequence.

Project Team:

Brian Coppola, Professor of Chemistry, College of LSA
Anne McNeil, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, College of LSA