Sustainable Manufacturing Clusters

Pathways to Sustainable Manufacturing Clusters in Less Developed Countries

The spread of manufacturing clusters in less developed countries (LDCs) is widely recognized as a potential engine for creating a strong manufacturing base and fighting the malaise of global poverty. However, current efforts to boost the economic impact of manufacturing clusters through favorable financial incentives and public policy initiatives are often top-down in nature, and thus overlook the intricate technical, social, cultural and political issues that need to be addressed for sustainable long-term development of LDCs.

The objective of this Team Development initiative is to assemble a multi-disciplinary group of researchers to develop a comprehensive strategy for realizing sustainable manufacturing clusters in LDCs. Faculty from various departments ranging from public policy and business to environmental and manufacturing engineering, as well as student outreach groups and stakeholders from LDCs will be involved in this effort. The ultimate goal is to undertake sound cross-disciplinary research that makes a tangible difference in a specific manufacturing cluster and becomes a model for stimulating sustainable grassroots development in other manufacturing clusters.

Project Team:

Chinedum Okwudire, College of Engineering
Elijah Kannatey-Asibu, College of Engineering