Student Partnerships in Arts and Technology

Student Partnerships in Arts and Technology is a new project-based course that will foster team-based engaged learning at the intersection of technology and the arts within the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Student performing artists will partner with student technologists to engage in semester-long creative projects that deeply integrate new media technologies and high-level artistic performance. The course will increase opportunities for both technologists and performing artists to productively and creatively engage with technology.

The partnership concept stems from observations of recent informal partnerships that have emerged among SMTD students, which have led to fruitful and sophisticated artistic outcomes, as well as a type of engaged, action-based technological learning that would be difficult to replicate in a standard classroom model. The Student Partnerships course will provide a curricular forum for these kinds of activities to take place. Performing artists will gain experience working with the specific technologies that will help them advance their individual practice. Technology students will gain experience working in a high-stakes, real world, collaborative environment with elite performers. The partnerships will leverage the incredible talents of both groups of students to learn from one another, communicate across disciplinary boundaries, promote a culture of respect and mutual support, and nurture a technological fluency that will engender creative self-expression.

Project Team

Michael Gurevich, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

David Jackson, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Andrew Bishop, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Jonathan Ovalle, School of Music, Theatre and Dance