An Inter-Professional Learning Community For Developing Pedagogical Expertise for Teaching Science And Engineering Research Practices

One goal of this project is to form an Inter-Professional STEM Learning Community (STEM-IPLC) that will build a new School of Education (SOE) course to support professional preparation for science educators at the secondary and post-secondary levels. By “Inter-Professional,” we mean that we plan to create a community consisting of science and engineering professionals from variety of locations. Specifically, we plan to involve pre-service secondary science teaching interns in the SOE and the science teachers in local schools who mentor them, SOE graduate students and faculty, with College of LSA and College of Engineering undergraduate, graduate, post doc and faculty who are all interested or invested in in STEM education reform.

While these groups represent the major stakeholders in science and engineering education, it is quite rare that they have opportunities to come together for conversation about teaching in order to reciprocally impact each other’s practice. We seek to address the separations that exist between the learning of content and practices by developing a common instructional experience for our STEM-IPLC participants that merges the learning of content in experiences rich with authentic scientific and engineering practices. The STEM-IPLC represents a much needed and potentially transformative model of engaged learning at multiple levels (e.g., students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty) that embodies the new vision of science education in the United States.

Project Team

R. Charles Dershimer, School of Education

Ginger Shultz, College of Literature, Science and the Arts

Leah Bricker, School of Education