Social Work Services to African American Families

A Proposal for Student Engagement in the Creation of a Model for Enhancing Preparation for Effective Social Work Services to African American Families

Four Master of Social Work students and one post-Master’s evaluation fellow will be engaged in research that will culminate in the creation of a culturally-responsive curriculum and learning environment model. The project is aimed at enhancing preparation for practice with African American families. In collaboration with two faculty members, students will 1) conduct literature reviews and collect data on curricular models of interest in the University of Michigan and elsewhere nationally, and 2) collect data on perceived racial microaggressions and methods of managing them that affect the learning environment of the School of Social Work. Data will be analyzed and results will be used as a tool for change-making.

Project Team:

Leslie Hollingsworth, School of Social Work
Desmond Patton, School of Social Work