Sensors for Intelligent Infrastructure

Civil Engineering Curricula for the Third Century: Experience-based Learning of Sensors for Intelligent Infrastructure System

The goal of this project is to transform the civil engineering curricula by introducing structured action-based learning experiences for CEE students. Specific objectives include:

  • Provide students with realistic hand-on experiences with actual sensors to explore their operational principles so as to hone their intuitive understanding of them;
  • Present challenging electrical engineering concepts in a manner that convincingly presents the universality of their underlying scientific principle so that students can apply those same principles to more traditional problems in civil engineering;
  • Have students understand the potential for sensing technology to solve pressing societal problems in either the developed or developing world; and,
  • Take students to actual sensed infrastructure sites to show them real-world examples of how sensing has been applied to infrastructure

To achieve these objectives, a flipped classroom format will be adopted and a series of in-class learning modules will be established to supplement the student’s on-line learning experience and to reinforce the most challenging course concepts. Project work and field trips will supplement the learning experience.

Project Team:

Jerome P. Lynch, Associate Professor, College of Engineering
Branko Kerkez, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering