Self-Regulated Learning in Public Health Guided by Principles of Innovation

A 2-year, Multi-Generational Professional Development and Capstone Course in the Master of Public Health Program in Nutritional Sciences

This project will plan, implement, and assess a novel professional development and capstone (PDC) course in the Nutritional Sciences Department of the School of Public Health. This innovative PDC course will be embedded in the 2-year MPH curriculum to move students to a greater state of professional preparedness and serve as a PDC model across disciplines. The main learning goals for the novel course, developed based on the learning needs indicated by students and alumni, are to 1) define and continually re-shape academic and professional goals, 2) foster self-regulated learning and metacognition, 3) develop/strengthen professional skills, and 4) prepare for, engage in, and reflect on experiential opportunities.

The longitudinal course will serve as an engaging environment for students to cultivate individualized academic and career goals. The goals will impact the types of academic and experiential activities (e.g., field experience, extracurricular work, etc.) they choose to participate in. In turn, continuous reflection upon the learning activities will prompt students to reevaluate and plan their academic and experiential work and reshape their goals. There will be ample class time dedicated for students to engage in multiple forms of professional networking and development. Throughout the 2-year curriculum, they will document their progress in a professional portfolio that will serve as their final capstone project. This journey will foster metacognitive skills for lifelong learning invaluable to them as they begin careers as Nutritional Science professionals.

Project Team

Olivia Anderson, School of Public Health

Anna Sadovnikova, School of Public Health