SecondLook Computer Tablet Applications

Developing SecondLook Computer Tablet Applications –Interactive Self Evaluation Tools for Learning the Anatomical Sciences

As more and more students use devices like the iPad and other computer tablets in the classroom, the development of educational tablet applications is a logical next step for incorporating new technologies to our teaching strategies.  Based on the successful concept of the eHistology SecondLook PowerPoint series and iPad application ( our multi-departmental team will generate new, computer tablet-based self-evaluation resources that will benefit both University of Michigan and students at other national and international universities.  We plan to create two new series, one for students learning Gross Anatomy and one for students learning Neuroanatomy.  The SecondLook resource represents a quick and easy review tool for students to test their knowledge after studying and before taking quizzes and tests.  By answering a series of questions, which are asked in different ways and are usually based on images, students can quickly verify that they have mastered the material and have acquired sufficient skills to do well in an upcoming examination. This is particularly valuable for subjects that focus on visual content, such as Histology, Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.

Michigan medical student Betty Zhao eloquently describes a reason why the Histology SecondLook series is so popular with Michigan students: “… I think why students are so drawn to them (the SecondLook files) is because they actually make us ‘think’. So much of our curriculum is information fed to us in a passive way, so I think students appreciate the interactive elements. The SecondLook highlight important concepts, and links identification with higher order knowledge of function and organization.”

Project Team:

Michael Hortsch, Associate Professor, Medical School
Erik Hofer, Director of Office of Enabling Technologies, Medical School
John Stribley, Lecturer IV, Research Associate, Medical School
Kelli Sullivan, Lecturer III, Associate Research Scientist, Medical School