Polish Theatre Lab

In Winter 2016, the Department of Theatre & Drama, theCopernicus Program in Polish Studies and the Instytut Adam Mickiewicz, (Warsaw) Campus Project will offer the Polish Theatre Lab. This one-semester course, through participation and collaboration with experts in Polish arts will be the portal to a greater understanding of non-US theatre practice in the 21st Century. Students from all performance disciplines in SMTD will be invited to apply to register. With film screenings, workshops, and lectures Theatre & Drama faculty Vincent Mountain, Malcolm Tulip and guest presenters from LSA and Duke University facilitated by The Copernicus Program, will provide the students with a broad and solid understanding of the history of Polish arts and cultures and, in particular, to examine how that history has informed the creation of theatre in Polish society.

The capstone of the course, however, is a two-week residency of Teatr Osmego Dnia (Theatre of the Eighth Day) from Kraców, Poland. This company founded in 1964 made theatre under very oppressive conditions and will lead workshops with the students in creating new theatre works based around a documentary approach.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to encounter a group for whom theatre was a necessity, dangerous and hyper-relevant. To give the students a first-hand understanding of what this approach might produce the company will perform their recent work ‘The Files’: created after the company gained access to their own secret police surveillance files when they were released after the fall of the soviet satellite regime in Poland in the Duderstadt Video Studio. These performances and a joint Stamps/Copernicus lecture will be open to the public.

Project Team

Vince Mountain, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Malcolm Tulip, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Priscilla Lindsay, School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Marysia Ostafin, College of Literature, Science and the Arts