Nursing Education

Extending the Global Reach of Nursing Education

The word “Haiti” often brings to mind visions of devastation and human suffering. Yet, in the midst of the disaster, a phoenix rises. The Faculté des Sciences Infirmières (FSIL) in Léogâne, Haiti, a sister nursing school of U-M located at the direct epicenter of the earthquake, has persevered and grown. Our Quick Wins project will enhance digital connectivity to FSIL and build an electronic learning community of practice (e-CoP). We consider our Quick Win to also be a “Win-Win;” while it has created a reliable communication pipeline and virtual classroom for U-M students and faculty, it has also provided a valuable and needed resource for FSIL.


The inception of the Quick Wins project was the result of a highly successful “Shared classroom” that was piloted with FSIL in the Fall of 2012 with support from the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, LSA Instructional Support Services (ISS), and the LSA Language Resource Center (LRC). The expansion of the shared classroom, with the addition of the e-CoP platform and improved internet connectivity, will enable us to hold reliable live shared video lectures, support synchronous student interchange and discussion, improve knowledge management capacity, and facilitate learning and collaboration. We believe that our project will increase student engagement, influence the teaching styles of our faculty, and provide meaningful, rewarding and action-based learning experiences for all. The Quick Wins team includes members from UMSN, LSA (LRC and ISS), and the Taubman Health Sciences Library.


Project Team:

Patricia Abbott, Associate Professor, Nursing
Todd Austin, Videoconferencing Lead, Instructional Support Services
Leslie Davis, Dir., Global Outreach, Nursing
Gurpreet K. Rana, Librarian, Taubman Health Sciences
Norma Sarkar, Lecturer II, Nursing
Kate Saylor, Librarian, Taubman Hlth. Sci.
Rosemary Ziemba, Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing