Heritage Datascape

Heritage Datascape: Mapping the Cultural Landscape

In the past decade, heritage studies and historical preservation have undergone a significant philosophical shift. Where the disciplines were once primarily concerned with objects as repositories of cultural value, contemporary thinking has moved beyond a fixation with the classification and protection of tangible artifacts to include a commitment to intangible cultural heritage. In the expanding field of heritage research and practice, which includes historical, socio-political, cultural, performative and narrative aspects of place, the Heritage Datascape project seeks to develop new modes of public documentation and collaborative engagement. Through a series of design workshops punctuating a theory seminar, participants in the study will test and apply a wide range of interactive methods for the assembly, organization, evaluation and preservation of heritage in the built environment. The ultimate aim to is to provide community residents with a sense of belonging as well as an active stake in the accumulation of intellectual capital.

Project Team:
Anya Sirota, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning