Health Policy Residential Course

Washington DC Health Policy Residential Course

Because of unique features of the markets for health services, insurance and medical technology, the government plays a major role in all aspects of the health care system: funding research, paying for services, subsidizing private insurance and regulating insurers, providers and manufacturers.  In light of this pervasive government intervention, it is essential that students pursuing health-related careers have a strong understanding of health policy.  BE 688 is an interdisciplinary, action-based learning course that is open to graduate students from across the UM campus.  The course is centered on a one-week trip to Washington DC, during which time students interact with a diverse set of health policy experts.  In addition to hearing from speakers from across the ideological spectrum, students are exposed to differences in institutional perspective—for example, differences between the legislative and executive branches and within the executive branch between the White House and different agencies as well as experts from Washington-based think tanks, lobbyists and journalists.

Project Team:

Thomas Buchmueller, Professor of Risk Management and Insurance, Ross School of Business

Amy Cohn, Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health