“Global Challenges for a Third Century” (GCTC)

The Global Challenges for a Third Century (GCTC) grant programs are not accepting new proposals.  Current awardees will be able to submit proposals for more advanced phases than their current phase (e.g. Team Development, or Phase 1).

The purpose of the GCTC grant program is to inspire and cultivate transformative ideas about how to address some of the greatest challenges facing the world today.

Global Challenges for a Third Century has two grant programs:

  1. Team Development funds small-scale proposals for activities that help develop multi-disciplinary teams across the campus in order to address major global challenges.Team Developmentwill provide up to $15,000 on a one-time basis.
  2. Global Challenges is a two-phase program that aims to fund the most innovative and creative ideas from across the campus to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. The program embraces risk taking, multi-disciplinary approaches, and engagement with the internal and external community (including students). Projects are encouraged that have potential impact that is scalable and transferable (e.g., local to global).

Phase 1 seed funding will provide between $10,000 and $300,000 on a one-time basis. The Phase 2 full funding program will provide between $100,000 and $3 million on a one-time basis.