Digital Badges

Recognizing Co-Curricular Learning Using Digital Badges

Digital badges represent a flexible, portable, and verifiable format in which to recognize, display, and transmit learning opportunities. Undergraduate students’ involvement in co-curricular experiences specifically (e.g., internships, workshops, lectures, service projects, clubs, etc.) can have a variety of positive learning and retention outcomes, but are not included in official university transcripts and specific skills learned are difficult for students to translate and represent in professional resumes and professional networking websites.

The project team will pilot a new badging infrastructure that will support recognition of these learning opportunities and recognize the knowledge that is important to educators within the academy, but also skills that are viewed as critical to those in industry. Freshman in the M-ENGIN program, part of the M-STEM Academies at Michigan, will be the initial group of students targeted to collect and utilize these digital objects toward recognition of their numerous learning opportunities and outcomes achieved outside of traditional coursework. Digital badges can therefore be an instrumental bridge in recognizing the skills and expertise that students develop throughout their careers at Michigan.

Project Team:

Steven Lonn, Assistant Director, USE Lab and Library Learning Analytics Specialist
Cinda-Sue Davis,  Director, Women in Science and Engineering Program
Darryl Koch, Director, Retention and Academic Support Services, College of Engineering
Joanna Mirecki Millunchick, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering