The DECLARE Retreat: Develop, Explore, Challenge, Learn, Act, Reflect, Empower

The DECLARE retreat, developed through and with student leaders in the Community Action and Social Change (CASC) undergraduate minor, will develop an ongoing retreat for students to “develop, explore, challenge, learn, act, reflect and empower” themselves as mindful, intentional, and critically engaged learners and change agents, and to build relationships and connections among the diverse network of students in CASC.  Specific goals of the retreat include: (1) developing student understanding of social identity to lead to intensified classroom and out-of-classroom learning, (2) helping students explore and articulate individual passions and their role in broader movements towards community action and social change, (3) challenging ideas and providing spaces for students to learn how to engage across differences, (4) reflecting on individual’s experiences and skill sets, and the power individuals bring into a community, and (5) empowering students to build a toolbox of skills, learning and experiences that will contribute to their academic, professional, and personal lives.

The retreat will be peer facilitated by students, staff and faculty. Following the retreat, peer facilitators will serve as social justice mentors for retreat participants and will support participants through their time in the minor. Additional social justice activities and social gatherings will be offered to support participants and recruit peer facilitators for future sections, and thus provide a structure for social justice mentorship.

Project Team:
Katie Richards-Schuster, School of Social Work