Cumulative Skills Problems

Introducing Cumulative Skills Problems to the “I Don’t Even Know Where to Start,” Series of Web-based Modules in the Large Lecture Course, Chemistry 130

Chemistry is not a spectator sport! Each year, CHEM 130 serves nearly 2,300 undergraduates, mostly first-year students who will not necessarily go on to major in chemistry. Therefore, wisely implementing technology is critical to promote active learning. One key advance in the past year is the advent of Problem Roulette. It has the advantage of a potentially rich infrastructure for assessment, and we use Problem Roulette to house our practice exam questions. It’s excellent because like our exams, questions on Problem Roulette are in multiple-choice format, and students have instant access to both the correct answers and the frequency of each answer.

Our new direction is to merge Video Solutions with select cumulative skills questions (questions that combine several concepts from several chapters) presented on Problem Roulette such that students can give input and get feedback at several stages of multi-part problems. These are always the seemingly difficult questions to students. Our goal is to blend Video Solutions with the Google platform of Problem Roulette to create a Choose your Own Adventure format for guiding students through difficult concepts. To gauge where students are having difficulty, we will use previous terms’ mid-term and final exam statistics as a quantitative input, and we will mine the conversations students have on Piazza, the online chat platform where students collaborate, for qualitative input.

Project Team:

Bart M. Bartlett, Department of Chemistry, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Jadwiga (Dotie) T. Sipowska, Department of Chemistry, College of Literature, Science and the Arts