Computing CARES

Climate and Retention Engagement for Success

Over the past 30 years, women completing Computer Science and Computer Engineering undergraduate degrees have been a minority compared to their male counterpart. At the University of Michigan we are observing enrollment data aligned with this trend: the fraction of women enrolled in computing courses declines steadily from 30-34% in entry-level classes, down to 18% by the third computing course.

The goal of this project is to improve gender diversity in the Computer Science and Computer Engineering undergraduate programs by improving climate for all students and increasing female student retention. If successful, we will be able to attain higher diversity in our academic community, in the industry and in our graduate student population, with all the benefits that this entails. We envision this effort to be the first step towards the development of future generations of Computer Science and Computer Engineering students who are equipped to work effectively in diverse teams, embracing the core values of mutual respect and equity. The project includes a broad range of activities, inside and outside the classroom: from gender-neutral course projects, to gender balance in the teaching staff, to coaching professionalism and fairness, to peer mentoring and activities that help build a community.

Project Team

Valeria Bertacco, College of Engineering

Mary Lou Dort, College of Engineering

Chris Firlik, College of Engineering

Edwin Olson, College of Engineering

Jeff Ringenberg, College of Engineering

Michael Wellman, College of Engineering