Community Stories

The Community Stories project is a series of hands-on community-based courses that introduce undergraduates to the multiple practices and spaces through which public history is actualized. Through the Community stories project, students learn how to create innovative and transformative public history projects in partnership with local communities.

In the Fall term, professor Maria Cotera (American Culture/Women’s Studies) offers an oral history and community archives course in which students learn the basics of oral history, archival research, and digital humanities by focusing on a local history project. By the end of the semester, students will have collected at least 5 oral histories and collected related digital archives.

In the Winter term, professor Hannah Smotrich (Stamps School of Art and Design) offers an exhibition design studio in which students will work with the materials collected by Professor Cotera’s students in the Fall to develop a multimedia exhibit. Students will learn how to shape an exhibition in collaboration with curators and community stakeholders, integrate multiple narratives, and design in response to the constraints of implementation.

Project Team:

Maria Cotera, Associate Professor, Women’s Studies & Progress in American Culture

Hannah Smotrich, Associate Professor, Art & Design