Change Agents for Transforming Society (CATS)

The long-term goal of this effort is to achieve a sustainable shift in the personal and collective skill set of our faculty, staff, and students to begin to address some of society’s toughest issues such as racism, poverty, hatred, and other social injustices. Though the evidence is clear, we are becoming increasingly aware that societal solutions to social injustices will not arise solely through the accumulation of new data but will need to be accompanied by the acquisition of new skills, including deep interpersonal engagement and advocacy for creative solutions.

SPH partnered with LSA’s Program on Intergroup relations last summer, and this proposal is an outgrowth of this deliberation to extend the immersive dialogue model developed by IGR to a whole new level of institutional engagement so that theory and experience gain momentum to inform action. The ultimate educational goal is to produce public health professionals that have an expanded capacity to listen deeply and learn quickly about complex and volatile situations in communities they serve in order to co-create new sustainable solutions or avert disasters.

Project Team:

Sharon Kardia, Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Administration, School of Public Health
Nancy Janz, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Public Health
Phyllis Meadows, Clinical Professor and Associate Dean of Practice, School of Public Health
Cleopatra Caldwell, Associate Professor and Chair of SPH Diversity Committee, School of Public Health
Chanel DeGuzman, Program Manager, Director of Academic Diversity, School of Public Health
Susan B. King, InterGroup Relations, Director of Outreach