Actively Learning Sustainability

Actively learning sustainability through real-world, community-driven projects

This project aims to improve and innovate on the main active learning component of the SNRE Master’s degree program—the Master’s Project. The Master’s project provides students with an opportunity to work with each other on a real-world, interdisciplinary, community-driven, problem-solving experience. Its benefits also flow to the community at large—the complex environmental challenges faced by real-world organizations is aided by the research, analyses, product ideas, and solutions generated by SNRE students. This project will better meet changing student, faculty, and client needs by creating web-based tools to streamline various processes including client proposal vetting, student proposal selection, and student team formation. The project also intensify the learning experience of the Master’s project planning course by generating new skills-focused curricula that will help meet the changing needs of SNRE’s professional track students.

Project Team:
Avik Basu, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Steven Yaffee, School of Natural Resources and the Environment