ABL Redesign

Action-Based Learning Redesign:  Quantitative Methods of Program Evaluation

Quantitative Methods for Program Evaluation (Public Policy 639), previously an elective for students with an intense interest in learning advanced quantitative methods, has transitioned to the capstone course required of all Master of Public Policy candidates at the Ford School of Public Policy. The challenge addressed by this project is maintaining a high level of engagement and learning in this course as it reaches a broader set of students.

This project redesigns the Ford School’s capstone methods course to by “flipping” the class and shifting the emphasis from traditional lectures to team-based problem solving. The new format will enable students to test their learning and receive much more feedback than possible with traditional classroom lectures. The strong communication and analytic skills we aim to build among our students will serve them well as they move into careers in public policy, education and research.

Project Team:
Susan Dynarski, School of Public Policy and School of Education